Start Up Kit

( Code: 0787 )

The oxygen humidifier is used to humidify oxygen, preventing the creation of dry sputum, that the patient finds it difficult to expel.

Made of

  • plastic,
  • durable material,
  • indicated minimun & maximun filling level

Nasal cannulas

( Code: 0786 )

Replacement tube for oxygen therapy device.

It fits perfectly in all market oxygen devices.

You should regularly change the oxygen supply tube both for reasons of hygiene and proper operation of the device.

Clear oxygen tubing

Flexible extension tube of oxygen.

Tubing connector

(Code: 0788 )

To put an extension on oxygen equipment we need a connecting pipeline.

The binder oxygen duct is interposed between the riser and condenser.

Water trap

( Code: 0792 )

Water trap for oxygen concentrator.


( Code: 0728 )

Mask for oxygen devices with 2 meter hose.

Soft medical grade plastic and special design for comfortable use.

C-PAP tubing

( Code: 0018 )

Extension tube for oxygen therapy devices.

Venturi masks

( Code: 0910 )

Venturi-type mask for oxygen therapy, adult, one size.

Makes for all devices oxygen.


( Code: 0740 )

Oxygen mask with bag, non rebreathing.

Oxygen fills the bag and when the patient inhales, taking oxygen from the bag.

The oxygen mask with non rebreathing bag is suitable for short-term oxygen therapy where large amounts of oxygen are required.

Adult oxygen mask

( Code: 0926 )

Adaptable to any type of person.

  • Made from non-toxic, transparent, soft plastic material
  • With metallic nose piece strip externally for a better fit to the face
  • Puffy elastic cord for proper retention head
  • Connects to plastic pipe length 2,10m, offering freedom of movement

Lung exerciser

( Code: 0481 )

Positive expiratory pressure oscillation ACAPELLA treatment system is used as a positive expiratory pressure device (PEP). Intended exclusively for the removal of mucus from the lungs.

It provides relief in breathing and prevents respiratory infections.

Flowmeter mini Wright

( Code: 0927 )

Flowmeter mini Wright for Adults.

Reliable and easy to use.

Measuring range 60-800L / min.

With 3 colored indicators (green, yellow, red) for capability classification of the measurement into 3 zones according to the doctor’s instructions.

Flowmeter mini Wright

( Code: 0167 )

Flowmeter mini Wright for childs.

Meter peak expiratory flow high standards.

It offers reliable and accurate results contributing to better management of asthma.

Logarithmic scale with measuring range 60 – 800 lt / min.

It features color classification suitable for monitoring changes in lung function.

Flowmeter mini Wright

The balloon with silicone inhalation mask helps in efficient delivery of medications from the airways.

Used for medications delivery dosing aerosol (spray-aerosol) in children.

Aerochamber for:

  • babies ( Code. 0100 )
  • childs ( Code. 0099 )

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